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SAP Application
implementation Service in Energy and Resource Industry with various solution portfolios


Rapid Deploying Mobility solution in
Supply Chain Operation

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ERP SaaS service regarding vertical industry market with specified industry solution package

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Application ServiceSAP Application
Inossem adopts comprehensive SAP delivery methodology to fulfill business application implementation based on SAP platform and technology. Inossem has a wide range of solutions to offer, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), BI (Business Intelligence), Supplier Relationship Management, Customer Relationship Management, E-Commerce, Supply Chain Operation & Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Project & Portfolio Management, Financial and Capital Management etc.
Intelligent WarehouseFocus on how to manage enterprise inventory on mobile terminals.
it‘s a comprehensive solution with generic applications for Receipt Issue and Transfer goods movement, ASN, Logistics, Quality inspection, Warehouse and Handling units, and various reports.
Inventory Mobile is fully integrated with Bar Code process, which supports material batch management, FIFO and LIFO. This solution provides integration capabilities to SAP ERP system and can also be operated standalone.
Spare Parts Performance Optimization Engine is embedded and pre-configured with industry credentials.
Smart GlassesAn industrial wearable Solution
Inossem Glass Solution provides capability to integrate AR terminals to backend system landscape. It helps on-site operators to connect with Remote Center, access Asset data and Rounding process etc. hands free.
AR pushes and demonstrates information from work-order, user-manual, sensor collection and RCMO for process interaction.

About Inossem

Inossem Innovating Assembled Inossem is a professional consulting service provider in Energy and Resources Industry. Our service help companies shape innovation in their industries and perform better. We identify, plan and orchestrate industry demand, opportunities and information with Digital Business Solutions. Whether deployed on premise, in cloud or on mobile terminals. Inossem demonstrates its industry know-how to serve customers of all sizes in Utilities, Oil Gas, Chemical and Mining clusters around globe. Meanwhile, with customers from Process and Discrete Manufacturing, Engineering Construction & Operation industry as well.

Experiences coverage with Energy Customers in Chinese Market

84%Oil Gas Chemical
48%Hybrid Energy Groups

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Innovating Assembled Professional Consulting Service company with innovation technology in Energy and Resource Industry.

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